Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Month of The Sacred Heart

 This blog has been written by Sister Annette Marie O’Donnell for many years. She is now stepping back and has invited me to step forward. Thank you, Sister Annette Marie, for your hard work and insights. I am Stephanie Morris, Ph.D., and ASBS, formerly the Director of the Archives of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Mother Katharine once said that we were “typewriters” in the hands of the Lord. It has been my privilege to have been her “typist” on occasion. I hope to share some of Mother Katharine’s insights with you.

June is a busy month – graduations, Father’s Day, weddings! Congratulations to all the grads, dads, and newly-weds! Congratulations also to those who may have received their First Holy Communion recently. A big thank-you to all those who instructed or guided people in these achievements. June is also the month of the feasts of the Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi and the month of the Sacred Heart!

As a young woman (before entering religious life), Kate reminded herself: “Do not let a day pass in the month of June without saying a fervent prayer to the Sacred Heart.” The color of the Sacred Heart is red, the color of fire and love. The Sacred Heart is alive and afire with His love for us. He can’t wait to pour His love upon us, with all the graces we need. We could all value Kate’s reminder to pray to the Sacred Heart.

“Corpus Christi” – the “Body of Christ.” My church – St. Ephrem Church, Bensalem, PA – is so arranged that the shadow of the Cross falls on the altar and the tabernacle. The priest literally stands in the shadow of the Cross when he says Mass. Christ comes down from the Cross to the altar and then to us.

Do we think of this when we receive Holy Communion?

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