Wednesday, December 28, 2016

January 1, 2017 - Feast of Mary the Mother of God

The Feast of Mary,
the Mother of God        

Reading 1:  Nm. 6:22-27
Response:  Psalm  67
Reading 2:  Gal. 4:4-7
Gospel:  Luke 2:16-21

The Church has had reverenced Mary the Mother of God from the beginning. She has been considered very special and not a random choice. The French poet Henri Jordin envisioned God the Father saying, “When I sent my son on earth, he wasn't hard to please, about food or lodging or state of life or anything - except his mother. About her he was exacting, he wanted his mother to be a masterpiece.”

Jesus also wanted to give us a special gift by sharing his beautiful mother with us. She is one who cares for us and intercedes for us with her son. We saw that in his human life when she came to the assistance of a young couple at their wedding ceremony. She noted that they were running out of wine and simply told her son who performed a miracle to remedy the situation.

Jesus also provided us with a human model. Mary was not only totally open to the plans of God, but she was also an extremely strong person to be able to accept the struggles and pains associated with being the mother of Jesus. We know of her suffering with Jesus in his lifetime and finally her faithfulness as she saw him falsely accused, tortured and crucified.

As we see all the starving, violence and suffering in our world, let us ask our mother's intercession for all her children of our time. Immaculate Mary is the patroness of the United States. A Shrine to her Immaculate Conception is was built in our country's capitol. Let us fly to her protection at this turbulent time in our history.
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.  Amen.

A Blessed New Year to you and yours!!!

Spanish Translation of Reflection Above...

Fiesta de María, madre de Dios

La Iglesia ha reverenciado a María Madre de Dios desde el principio. Ella ha sido considerada muy especial y no una elección al azar. El poeta francés Henri Jordin imaginó a Dios el Padre diciendo: “Cuando envié a mi hijo a la tierra, no era difícil de complacer, de comida o alojamiento, estado de vida o cualquier cosa, excepto su madre. Sobre ella era exigente, quería que su madre fuera una obra maestra.”

Jesús también quiso darnos un regalo especial compartiendo su bella madre con nosotros. Ella es quien cuida de nosotros e intercede por nosotros con su hijo. Vimos que en su vida humana cuando ella vino a la ayuda de una pareja joven en su ceremonia de la boda. Ella notó que se les estaba acabando el vino y simplemente le dijo a su hijo que realizó un milagro para remediar la situación.

Jesús también nos proporcionó un modelo humano. María no sólo estaba totalmente abierta a los planes de Dios, sino que también era una persona extremadamente fuerte para poder aceptar las luchas y dolores asociados con ser la madre de Jesús. Sabemos de su sufrimiento con Jesús en su vida y finalmente su fidelidad al verlo falsamente acusado, torturado y crucificado.

A medida que vemos todo el hambre, la violencia y el sufrimiento en nuestro mundo, pidamos la intercesión de nuestra madre por todos sus hijos de nuestro tiempo. Inmaculada María es la patrona de los Estados Unidos. Un santuario a su Inmaculada Concepción se construyó en la capital de nuestro país. Volvamos a su protección en este momento turbulento de nuestra historia.

O María, concebida sin pecado, ruega por nosotros que recurrimos a ti. Amén.

Un bendito año nuevo para usted y el suyo!!!


  1. We are reminded of Our Lady's glorious titles as listed in the Litany of Mary - plus many others, each of which could suggest a deeply inspiring meditation. The heavenly attributes of our dear Blessed Mother seem to be beyond human calculation.

    The following quotations are from a homily delivered by Pope Francis:

    "At the beginning of a new year, the Church invites us to contemplate Mary's divine maternity as an icon of peace. In her the ancient promise finds fulfilment. She believed in the words of the angel, conceived her Son and thus became the Mother of the Lord. Through her, through her "yes", the fullness of time came about. The gospel we have just heard tells us that the Virgin Mary 'treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart' (Lk 2:19). She appears to us as a vessel filled to the brim with the memory of Jesus, as the Seat of Wisdom to whom we can have recourse to understand his teaching aright. Today Mary makes it possible for us to grasp the meaning of events which affect us personally, events which also affect our families, our countries and the entire world. Where philosophical reason and political negotiation cannot reach, there the power of faith, which brings the grace of Christ's Gospel, can reach, opening ever new pathways to reason and to negotiation.

    Blessed are you, Mary, for you gave the Son of God to our world. But even more blessed are you for having believed in him. Full of faith, you conceived Jesus first in your heart and then in your womb, and thus became the Mother of all believers (cf. Saint Augustine, Sermo 215,4). Send us your blessing on this day consecrated to your honor. Show us the face of Jesus your Son, who bestows upon the entire world mercy and peace."

    Pope Francis
    St. Peter's Basilica
    January O1, 2016
    (Vatican Radio)

  2. Over the course of my life I have prayed the Hail Mary countless times and the words, “Holy Mary, Mother of God,” flow naturally to comfort me. The Feast of Mary, the Mother of God stirs feelings of tenderness toward Mary who models faith and surrender. Mary’s “yes” to God’s plan was indeed courageous and I often look to Mary to inspire me to be more open to God’s will, to worship Him as is fitting, and to be a vessel of His love and light to offer to the world.
    I recently read an article written by Sr. Carolyn Osiek, entitled, “Mother of God: A Title with a History.” I was quite surprised to learn that the title “Mother of God” presented a theological problem for some in the early church. The dispute was pressing enough that it led to the Council of Ephesus in 431. Nestorius, the patriarch of Constantinople, rejected the title for Mary on the grounds that it was heretical to consider a human person as God’s parent. His critics accused him of denying the divinity of Christ or, at best, splitting the humanity of Christ, born of Mary, from his divinity, which could only come from God. Nestorius was considered a heretic and deposed as archbishop. Discussions on the issue continued however, and in 451, the Council of Chalcedon upheld the unity of the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ and affirmed the title “Mother of God” for Mary. Sr. Osiek states that the decision of the Council was “a theological leap beyond common sense into the mystery of God.”
    I just love that thought. My prayer time would certainly be more fruitful if I paused for a moment to acknowledge that I was about to surrender to the Mystery. With every Hail Mary I pray going forward I want to embrace the grace of the divine mystery that unfolded as a result of Mary’s humble, “Yes,” to God’s plan. How fitting that the first day of the New Year is dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. And, yes, may we seek her intercession for all of us in these turbulent times.